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The Inexorable Rise of Alternative Energy

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It's safe to say the alternative energy market is facing some pretty severe headwinds. Yet, there are indications it is on the rise despite them. After all, solar panels and wind turbines were novelties in 2008, and now they are commonplace. Alternative energy technology -- heat pumps, solar panels and the like -- is improving while the price of that technology is dropping. Meanwhile demand remains high in certain market and geographic segments (the state of California being a standout).

This eBook is far from a comprehensive guide, but we hope it serves as an illustrative sampling, a signpost for those who would like to go further, and hopefully an inspiration for other contractors looking to add alternative energy systems to their offerings

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This collection covers:

It's always 55F

Geothermal Systems

Solar Code

Solar-Thermal/Tankless Water Heating

Steve Spaulding

Steve Spaulding
Editorial Director
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Steve Spaulding is Editorial Director for CONTRACTOR Magazine. He has been with the magazine since 1996, and has contributed to Radiant Living, NATE Magazine, and other Informa Media properties.

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