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The columns that are in this e-book cover some of the areas that seemed, to me, to be trending in our trades. I believe that they held worthwhile information that you, as tradesmen, could use, or maybe just a different perspective. Some of the topics may have initially seemed a bit off the mark, but as I review the articles, it seems maybe the subject matter wasn't so far off. At least they made sense to me. I hope you enjoy.

-- Al Schwartz


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This collection covers:

Societal breakdown of the work ethic


Future shock — are you ready?

Repeat business or one time job?

Starting a business— a cautionary tale

Why plumbing contractors do not pay based on living wage

Steven Averett

Al Schwartz
Sunflower Plumbing & Heating
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The Brooklyn, N.Y.-born author Al Schwartz is a retired third generation master plumber. He founded Sunflower Plumbing & Heating in Shirley, N.Y., in 1975 and A Professional Commercial Plumbing Inc. in Phoenix in 1980. He holds residential, commercial, industrial and solar plumbing licenses and is certified in welding, clean rooms, polypropylene gas fusion and medical gas piping.

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