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As underscored by the urgent findings this fall of the startling new United Nations report on Global Warming -- which basically gave our species until 2030 to get its house in order! -- the editors of HPAC Engineering here seek to provide a handy reference guide to some of our best writing on sustainability issues in the past year. And what better place to turn than the ever-evolving archives of our most prolific contributor, sustainability expert Larry Clark. Of course, others have covered such compelling green topics for us in 2018, but none have done so more consistently and frequently than Larry. So, we have gathered these selected highlights here in eBook form.

This collection includes the following ‘Clark's Remarks’

New UN Report Elevates Wake-Up Call to Five-Alarm Status

Climate Change: Are You Part of the Solution?

Light Control Window That Kills Microbes

Breathing Easier: New Air Purifier Turning Heads

NREL’s EcoSnap-AC Aims to Shake the Market

Ingenuity & Will Can Solve Global Water Crisis

Sunny Florida Sustains Ambitious Solar Vision

Singapore Researchers See Breakthrough in Separating Cooling, Dehumidifying

Larry Clark
Principal, Sustainable Performance Solutions LLC

A member of HPAC Engineering's Editorial Advisory Board, Clark is principal of Sustainable Performance Solutions LLC, a South Florida-based engineering firm focused on energy and sustainability consulting. A prolific author on HVAC- and energy-related topics, he frequently lectures on green-building best practices, central-energy-plant optimization, and demand-controlled ventilation. Clark has been writing this bi-monthly column on sustainability for HPAC since 2013.

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